Uber with a mop. How web application helped optimize processes in housekeeping

GetClean is one of BLAKIT’s most successful projects to date. And it’s not because it’s better or more complex than others – our quality standards remain on the same high level for all of our works. The thing is, that particularly this project is referenced when we hear from our potential clients: “I want something similar to that”. Isn’t that a sign of true success?

The story of GetClean

So, how did it all start?

A couple of years ago Alex Korolchuk, the CEO of BLAKIT, who was still a freelancer at that time, met Dmitry Sheiko. Dmitry was the head of Vega Systems back then, and Alex sometimes helped him as an Android developer. BLAKIT’s co-founder Vitaly Ozierski also joined the collaboration after a while.
When Dmitry and two other entrepreneurs came up with the idea of GetClean, it became clear that the project would require technological solutions of the highest quality. With almost no counterparts in the world. So when the issues of server-side part of the application emerged – they immediately reached out to BLAKIT. Business relations and our reputation played their part here.

You can read more about the founders and concepts of GetClean here, for instance.

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Project’s aims and development tasks

To put it short, the service resembles the mechanics and concept of Uber in the context of housekeeping. The biggest advantage of the service compared to conventional cleaning businesses is cost efficiency. A regular cleaning will cost clients two or three times less than before. Moreover, the founders of GetClean went one step further – all the business processes in the company are to some extent automated via digital solutions, while the paperwork gets cut to minimum. In this situation everyone is pleased:

  • GetClean owners quickly conquer the market, get sustainable profit and don’t overload themselves with routine like tons of paperwork.
  • GetClean clients get quality services at a reasonable price through convenient online service.
  • Cleaners earn above industry average and are engaged in a more transparent working scheme with minimal mediation.

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Web development

The whole system is efficient thanks to advanced technologies. At the same time, in 2016 no one in Belarus had an idea how the whole system should work. Hence, BLAKIT team had to work tightly with GetClean management to study user needs, think of new features and test them by releasing a new version every month. The hardest task, though, was to eliminate paperwork and most routine operations of the managers. After the administration task analysis performed by BLAKIT, we created a custom system for efficient action management within the company.

Therefore, the development and support of GetClean web application went basically simultaneously. As a result, what came out in the end wasn’t just an interface for ordering cleaning services; it was a full-scale web application for managing orders, company’s resources, gathering statistics and optimizing paperwork.

The website Getclean.by was created using React.JS. This is our primary technology for creating complex web applications. It proved itself to be extremely reliable on a variety of projects, so we can trust it when we work on custom functions for our outsourcing projects. The admin panel was programmed using PHP with Yii2 framework.

As we mentioned before, the development process went parallel to finalizing the app concept and style. As soon as an idea was approved, it was implemented in code, tested and published. Then we detected and eliminated occasional bugs, maximized application’s performance and reliability, and then went on to the next feature. We also implemented the A/B testing system collecting feedback from users. If the clients didn’t like any of the new features, we scrapped or modified them.

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Results and prospects

We can now declare with certainty: the money and man-hours invested in GetClean are now giving great return. The service gets even more popular in Minsk, and its creators have plans to expand their business to other cities as well. Besides that, we have plans to increase the project’s automation level in the future. Thanks to the flexibility of React.JS “groundwork”, it’s also possible to create a mobile app based on the same platform. That’s what we at BLAKIT are going to do in the nearest future. This way GetClean will get closer to the market leaders of sharing economy in terms of functions and will secure their leadership on the market.

Would you like to adapt your services to Uber-like business model via high-quality mobile and web applications? Contact us, we can obviously do this!